What Is The Significance Of Blue Sapphire Stone In Astrology?
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What Is The Significance Of Blue Sapphire Stone In Astrology?

We all have heard about the striking gemstones and their significance, and blue sapphire stone is not new for the same. Blue Sapphire stone, or Neelam in Sanskrit, is one of the most revered gemstones in astrology. Its significance is deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Vedic astrology, where each gemstone is associated with a specific celestial body. In the case of natural Neelam gemstone, it is closely linked to the powerful planet Saturn.

Saturn is often referred to as the “karmic taskmaster” in astrology. It governs aspects of our lives related to discipline, responsibility, and karma. An original Blue Sapphire stone is believed to profoundly impact Saturn’s influence, making it a stone of immense importance

History and Formation of Neelam Gemstone 

This beautiful variety of corundum family is known by various names such as Indraneel Stone, Nelashma Stone, Neelamani Stone, Neelaratna, Shanitratna, and Shantipriya stone. The formation of this blue-colored gemstone unravels how these gemstones are sourced from the earth’s surface and then transformed into a fascinating piece of jewelry. The intense heat and pressure inside the earth’s crust change the metamorphic rocks. The geological formation of these gemstones from those of metamorphic or igneous rocks highlights the journey of these wonders of nature. The beauty of these gemstones has been admired by kings and queens since antiquity, adorning them as expensive adornments flaunting power and wealth. The natural Neelamani Stone as a talisman or offered to the Gods as a precious offering highlights the vitality of these precious gems. 

Astrological Benefits of Original Indraneel Stone 

The significance of blue sapphire stone in Vedic astrology is discussed below:

  • Mental Well-Being Benefits 

The Neelam stone original helps increase the wearer’s focus and concentration. This gemstone is known to remove negativity and enhance clarity of thoughts, mental balance, and self-confidence. Who should wear the original Neelaratna stone? Though anyone can wear a blue sapphire gemstone as a jewelry piece for astrological purposes, it is beneficial for students and professionals, those who are seeking problems in their career. 

  • Stone for Marital Bliss 

The color of this gemstone in itself symbolizes many things. It signifies love, commitment, and royalty. The blue sapphire ring is in trend as engagement and wedding rings highlight the adornment as a gesture to denote the love and loyalty for their partner

  • Stone for Good Luck and Prosperity 

The rich hue of this beautiful gemstone is enough to explain its royalty. Thus, we can understand why the royal families have loved this gemstone. Wearing a blue sapphire stone helps in boosting finances. Which Rashis should wear Indraneel Stone? Individuals with zodiac signs such as Capricorn (Makar Rashi) and Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi) should wear this gemstone. 

This gemstone has many benefits, but one wonders which rashis should not be a blue sapphire gemstone. Zodiac signs such as Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, Pisces, and Scorpio are suggested not to wear Neelam gemstones. 

Blue Sapphire stone, known as Neelam, holds profound significance in astrology. It is linked to Saturn and revered for its transformative power. It is believed to balance cosmic energies, bringing clarity, focus, and protection. Individuals with a weak Saturn in their birth chart are benefited from wearing this gemstone. It enhances confidence, making it ideal for leaders. This gemstone is also thought to calm negative emotions. However, it should be worn after consultation with an astrologer, as its effects can vary. In conclusion, when harnessed thoughtfully, Blue Sapphire serves as a potent celestial ally, bestowing its wearers with both material and spiritual benefits. To buy a blue sapphire stone online, you must consider the four C’s: color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Blue Sapphire price per ratti ranges from few thousands to lakhs on quality. At Navratan, the online gem bazaar, you get the premium quality of gemstones. 

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