VarsityPro Unveils AI-Powered Resume Maker and Scorer, Tailored for Freshers
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VarsityPro Unveils AI-Powered Resume Maker and Scorer, Tailored for Freshers

VarsityPro, an emerging enterprise in career development solutions, introduces its cutting-edge AI-powered Resume Maker and Scorer, uniquely crafted to empower freshers in their job search journey. The platform leverages the latest in artificial intelligence to empower entry-level professionals with a powerful and effective way to create compelling resumes that captivate hiring managers and navigate seamlessly through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Using a powerful AI-driven resume builder, this innovative platform weaves together the right keywords, action verbs, and quantifiable achievements, creating resumes that capture the attention of digital gatekeepers like ATS and human recruiters alike.

Commenting on the launch, Nishant Sethi, founder at VarsityPro, stated, “At VarsityPro, our mission is to ensure that every university student in India is upskilled, informed and can secure their ideal job. Our state-of-the-art resume maker represents a significant leap forward, enabling students to create a compelling profile. This not only ensures their resume surpasses ATS filters but also positions them effectively to land their dream job.”

Traditional resumes often need more specific language and formatting that resonate with modern recruitment systems. A recent survey by indicates that AI resumes are four times more likely to pass ATS screening than traditional counterparts, showcasing the effectiveness of a tailored approach.

Here’s a glimpse into the key features of VarsityPro’s AI Resume Maker:

1. Keyword Alchemy: The AI system analyzes job descriptions, extracts relevant keywords, and seamlessly integrates them into the resume, ensuring alignment with industry expectations and catching the eye of hiring professionals.

2. Automated Work: Users input skills and experience, and VarsityPro’s AI swiftly generates an industry-specific resume, saving time and ensuring a standout application.

3. Real-Time Feedback: Instant feedback on the resume’s score and alignment with the target job empowers users to refine their documents in real-time, ensuring they are consistently optimized for success.

4. Personalized Insights: Going beyond generic feedback, VarsityPro’s AI analyzes writing style, identifies overused phrases, and suggests improvements to maximize the resume’s impact and uniqueness.

VarsityPro’s AI Resume Maker simplifies the resume-building process, handling everything from keyword research to crafting an ATS-optimized resume with just a few clicks. The automated system streamlines the journey, making it efficient and user-friendly for professionals at every level. The AI Resume Maker for freshers is now available on the VarsityPro website, inviting all entry-level professionals to explore this transformative tool.


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About VaristyPro:

VarsityPro is a career development enterprise for university students and stands as a comprehensive platform dedicated to advancing the careers of the next generation. By delivering career-accelerating workshops, courses, personalized guidance, and employment opportunities, VarsityPro not only caters to the needs of individual students but also extends its support to universities. The platform provides deep analytics to institutions, offering valuable insights into student career progress. Additionally, VarsityPro facilitates direct job placements, fostering a seamless connection between students and employment opportunities. Discover more at and witness the transformative impact on student career development.

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