The Do’s and Don’ts of Workout
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Workout

With a new year comes a wave of new resolutions. Do you want to purchase that new car? Or, do you want to go on a tour with your friends? So many goals, but so little time. Furthermore, we neglect our bodies in this busy world. The result is stress, tension, and eventual burnout!
If this year’s resolution is to look fit and athletic, then carry it out thoroughly! Why not cut down on cholesterol and focus on a workout session? Maybe take up a gym membership and get that fitness look you were dreaming of! It is time to do something for your body in general and metabolism in particular.

The Do’s

Of course, looking smart and athletic requires dedication and consistency. Moreover, looking fit does not require knowledge of rocket science or physics! You can still rock it with simple methods and steps in your daily routine. To look fit as a fiddle, you must consider the following tips in your workout regime:

Do #1

A warmup is a must! You cannot skip a warmup session as it will pump up your blood and give you that adrenaline rush. Moreover, a warmup builds up energy that helps you in doing the workout. Overall, it builds the tempo and will not wear you down when doing a proper workout.
Therefore, you must do a 15-minute warmup before a workout set. These warmup exercises include mild running or jogging, kickbacks, squats, etc. In addition, stretching is also a way to get your blood pumping.

Do #2

To stay fit and fine also requires having a good diet. Therefore, you would need some protein shakes or healthy juices to get your muscles working. Moreover, you can whip up a smoothie or stock up on granola bars for post-workout snacks. Overall, replace your dietary intake with nutritional foods that contain necessary vitamins.

Do #3

You will need the right workout gear. Workout wear helps in building up your stamina and makes you feel motivated. Moreover, good workout gear will not strain your muscles and restrict them. Therefore, find a good sportswear brand that can kick start your workout goals.
Moreover, you can purchase workout gear in bulk wholesale for economical options. You can find good athleisure brands such as A4 and Soffe wholesale to get the right workout fit.

Do #4

If you can, then use the gym facility! Walking on a treadmill or lifting weight will energize you. Therefore, don’t let that gym membership go to waste. Therefore, use every gym equipment at least once. Moreover, taking advice from a gym trainer is a must as they can tell you what exercises you need and what dietary intake you should have.
The Don’ts
We know why a workout is essential. It is because you need it to have and maintain a healthy body. Now that we have seen the do’s of workout, let’s have a closer look at its don’ts:

Don’t #1

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT eat before a workout! Eating will make you lazy and will drain your energy. It is because digestion requires energy to perform functions. Therefore, you have to NOT eat anything 30 minutes before a workout. In addition, avoid drinking excess water, as the fluid in your body can wear you down.

Don’t # 2

Moreover, cutting down on carbs is the right way to go about it. Attach this don’t # 2 with do # 2 to gain that fit and trim body. In addition, having high cholesterol food can increase the chances of a heart attack! Because cholesterol or fat sticks to the artery walls that feed your heart. This clot disrupts the flow of the blood, making chances of a heart attack probable.

Don’t # 3

Do not wear clothes that restrict your muscle movements. These include polo shirts, anything denim, or tees that are too tight! Additionally, wear high-performance outfits if you are adventurous and love outdoor activities. Therefore, finding the correct athleisure wear must be your goal.
In addition, you can buy high-performance wear in bulk to build up that workout wardrobe. Go for a brand such as Soffe in wholesale to give your workout gear a new spin!

Don’t # 4

Do not over-exert yourself! Remember, you are here to be flexible. Therefore, you must set your pace. Try to change workout sets from time to time so that your body feels the change. Because sticking to one set can make your body used to it. However, try not to take difficult exercises. For example, beginners often take advanced-level exercises due to enthusiasm. Eventually, they end up quitting mid-way.


Give your body the love it deserves! After all, your body needs that healthy diet and a good workout session from time to time. It is not too late to start working out in a gym or at home.

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