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Halloween Decoration Ideas: Spiders, Snakes, and Bats

At Halloween, spiders, snakes, and bats become cool, stylish, and funny elements of décor – not the scary creatures we are usually afraid of. The bats can be hung above the festive table, on the mantel, or in bowls. You can also use them outdoors. Do you need some inspiration? Let’s take a look on animal jewelry shop!


You can scare your guests to death with a giant spider web and spiders around the house – this is an excellent idea for an outdoor statement! It is also possible to attach spiders to doors, walls, stands, placemats, and anywhere else you wish – they are always perfect. Create some fun spiders for kids’ parties to avoid scaring them. Kids will enjoy these spider candle holders made of pumpkins, and can also be used for outdoor decoration. It would be great if you remembered that too scary spider decorations could scare off trick-or-treaters.

  • If you place a giant Halloween spider in your backyard, all your neighbors will be terrified, and you can do it yourself
  • The mailbox can be decorated for Halloween with a giant black spider and spider webs
  • It is both stylish and spooky to decorate your home and yard with a spider egg sac for Halloween
  • Spiderwebs and black spiders decorate the front porch for Halloween
  • You can decorate your Halloween front porch with a spider web filled with skeleton spiders
  • It’s a great Halloween decoration to attach a giant spider to the wall of your house
  • Halloween porch decorations include pumpkins, spiderwebs, bats, a vine wreath, and potted blooms
  • A front porch decorated with spiderwebs and pumpkins creates a stunning Halloween look
  • Adding hay, spiders, skulls, and orange pumpkins to a Halloween mantel is a timeless Halloween decor idea
  • The front door will look spooky and awesome with lots of spiders attached to it with the Spider keychain, add a sign, and there you have it.
  • Something is horrifying about a pumpkin covered with spiders and a hole in the middle, plus some spiders inside the hole.
  • Halloween decor can be enhanced with colorful and realistic spiders; use as many as you like
  • There are a lot of tiny spiders that can be attached to a door, a wall, or some other surface to make it frightening
  • Your house will look very spooky with giant spiders in spiderwebs, and not everyone will risk visiting itHalloween
  • Featuring a black vase filled with white roses, spiders, and a black snake, this centerpiece is beautiful and scary for Halloween


In addition to being used outside, snakes can also be used indoors: you can decorate food trays and stands with snakes or make a snake wreath for your front door. Use snake placemats and carved pumpkins to make terrifying Halloween decorations. Place snakes in cloches and jars throughout the house – they can be painted somehow!

  • It is timeless to decorate the front door of your house for Halloween with a black vine wreath with lots of snakes
  • A carved pumpkin with snakes, spiders, and lights is a very spooky Halloween decoration
  • Halloween decor ideas like vine wreaths with snakes and black bows are sophisticated and chic
  • Black skulls topped with snake candelabras and black candles make adorable decorations
  • You can dress up your Halloween party table with a black snake covering glass with a cobra spoon 
  • Halloween tablescapes are made more spooky and memorable with black snake placemats
  • Halloween wreaths made of vines and black snakes are timeless and cool decorations
  • It is elegant and scary to make a white snake in a cloche for Halloween
  • From Nightmare Before Christmas, moss, and snakes are in a wooden bucket
  • Halloween candied apples decorated with a gold snake on a stand
  • Put near Halloween cake, a Brass beer bottle opener shaped like a viper looks scary and elegant at the same time


Outdoor and indoor decorations made from felt or paper are perhaps the most harmless – you can install them anywhere you want: on walls, fridges, and doors. It won’t take much time or effort to make them; they can be large or small. Build bat installations overhead, hang them over the porch, and use them to decorate cupcakes and cakes. Get creative and make these fun and spooky DIYs for your Halloween home!

  • Make your dessert table scary with paper bats without much effort, and it will look great
  • An abundance of bats on the walls transforms the dining room into a Halloween-inspired space
  • It looks very Halloween-themed, with oversized paper bats hanging over the porch and stacks of pumpkins and brooms.
  • Make these easy and fun black bat pumpkins for Halloween decor, and they make great Halloween decorations
  • It is easy to decorate the mirror and wall with black paper bats for Halloween without spending much time or money
  • A wall decorated with paper bats, eaves adorned with fall foliage, and stacked pumpkins are some of the outdoor Halloween decorations
  • Decorative front door wreath with moss and hay, bats, skeleton hands, and leaves for Halloween
  • To make it look Halloween-like, hang some bats over the fireplace or bar cart
  • For an all-natural and rustic Halloween décor, attach bats to the wall and display heirloom pumpkins
  • A bat on the wall or a bat cake topper would make a nice Halloween decoration
  • For Halloween décor, attach black bats to the railing and place pumpkins on the steps
  • It’s very chic and creative to decorate with jars and cloches filled with hay, bats, branches, and faux eggs during Halloween


You can décor your home’s indoor and outdoor areas according to the above Halloween decoration ideas. The visitors will enjoy visiting your place and appreciate the spooky house with scary looks. This way, you can keep the trick and treaters away as well.

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