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Luca Piattelli – Renowned Italian Luxury Salon Now In Delhi

Folks looking for a world class salon experience now have access to Luca Piattelli’s unparalleled range of beauty, grooming and spa services. Luca Piattelli’s first flagship, high-end luxury Italian salon has been launched in Safdarjung, New Delhi. 

With advanced salon infrastructure, coupled with unmatched Italian finesse and expertise, Luca Piattelli has emerged as a serene oasis of sophistication, exclusivity and refinement. An entirely new world of beauty and luxury awaits patrons at Luca Piattelli.

From Tuscany to Delhi – Tracing Luca Piattelli’s Fascinating Journey

Luca Piattelli nameplate is common to the salon and its founder. The name comes from a small town near Lucca in Italy, where Luca was born. In his middle school years, Luca had started working in a barber shop. While he had also wanted to become a musician, Luca ultimately discovered his true interest in beauty and hair styling. With his focus on perfection and professionalism, Luca emerged as the preferred hairdresser in his town. 

With time, Luca’s entrepreneurial ambitions also began to take shape. In 1990, he opened his first hair salon for men. Adding strength to the small enterprise, Katia Carmignani joined hands with Luca to expand the scope of services to lady customers. Katia and Luca are currently married and have been working together to expand Luca Piattelli’s footprint across the globe. Luca Piattelli salons are frequented by various leading celebrities and socialites. Luca and Katia have also been actively involved in a wide variety of projects and studies related to art, beauty, marketing, etc.

Luca Piattelli – Salon Overview (Delhi)

Luca Piattelli’s 1st flagship store in Delhi is a lavish, extravagant facility, decked with a luxurious ambience and opulent equipment. Large doors, cozy hallways, exquisite decorations and displays, comfy sofas and neo-baroque armchairs ensure the perfect mood for the luxury salon experience. 

Services available include barber shop, hairdressing, beauty center, manicure and pedicure, spa and Jacuzzi, hot and scented sauna, classic Turkish baths, facial treatment, pain relieving massages, a solarium and a low-pressure tanning booth. There is an in-house cafe and lounge and dedicated spaces for children and physically-challenged people. Luca Piattelli Italian Luxury salon in Delhi is also offering complimentary pick-up and drop-off in a Mercedes-Maybach luxury car within a 7-km radius.

Luca Piattelli – Awards and Recognition

Over the years, Luca and Katia have won various awards. In 2006, Luca was recognized as the “Hairdresser of the Year” in Lucca. He won this award in 2007 as well. Another achievement was the winner of the Hair Stylist National Championship in Milan in 2007. Luca was also the only Italian representative at the World Championship in Barcelona in the same year. In 2007, the government of Tuscany honored Luca with the “Magnificent Excellency” title. This recognition was given for Luca’s significant contribution in boosting hiring activity in the region. 

In 2007, Luca became a member of the “Lions Club Antiche Valli Lucchesi”. He was also appointed as vice president of the “Young Entrepreneurs of Lucca” Association. In 2008, Luca and Katia received the best salon in Italy award from the UCLA University in California. This was part of the Global Salon Business Awards in Hollywood.

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