itel India's Heartwarming World Cup Campaign: Connecting India through the Joy of Cricket and Technology
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itel India’s Heartwarming World Cup Campaign: Connecting India through the Joy of Cricket and Technology

itel, India’s leading smartphone brand, has captured the hearts of million and united the nation with its emotionally charged brand campaign, timed perfectly with the World Cup season. As a brand that prides itself on democratizing technology for all, itel India has underscored its commitment to providing incredible value in every product it delivers while fostering a sense of togetherness and shared experiences among its customers.

The campaign’s centerpiece is a touching short film that encapsulates the values and aspirations of itel India. It tells the heartwarming story of a father and son, blending the emotional journey of their dreams and sacrifices with the transformative power of technology.

As the campaign reminds us, itel India is not just a smartphone brand; it is a unifying force that brings together families, generations, and the entire nation, especially during moments of sporting and emotional significance.

Speaking about the campaign, Arijeet Talapatra, CEO, itel (Transsion) India, said We believe that in today’s digital age, the smartphone has become the new TV. For many in the country, it serves as the gateway to information, entertainment, and connection, and for many, the gateway to the Cricket World Cup this season. Just like food, clothing, and shelter, the smartphone has also become a fundamental necessity in our lives. Like we see in the digital film, watching the World Cup is an activity that brings all the generations of the country together. Thus, in the spirit of #JodeBharatKaHarDilitel, we aim to democratize watching the World Cup by placing an itel phone in as many hands as possible. itel is here to serve the aspirations of Gen Z, providing them with endless opportunities and connections.”

The digital film has been conceptualized and executed by Havas Worldwide India. It offers a fresh approach to storytelling in the digital advertising realm.

Anupama Ramaswamy, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide India said, “Indians love two things – cricket and family. And they are happiest when they can bring the two together. This was the inspiration that went into creating this heart-warming story. A story that touched upon small-town India’s many realities – parent’s pride and belief in their children’s abilities, a father’s love for his son that pushes him to take on every challenge, the fact that life can be tough sometimes but when loved ones come together anything is achievable. And at every step of the way, itel is there to help these bonds grow stronger. We wanted this story to help itel become more than yet another mobile phone brand. We wanted itel to be seen as a companion that truly celebrates the coming together of people and their passions.”

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About itel

itel India is a leading and popular electronics brand for the latest smartphones, televisions, and gadgets. We are the apex electronics icon. At itel, we truly believe in democratizing technology for the masses by offering great value in each product we launch. The expansion and diversification of the itel portfolio aim to deliver a fuller digital experience to Indian customers by providing them access to premium quality products, which are localized and designed to meet their specific requirements at a budget-friendly price.

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