Here’s why you should have a Large Oversized Mirror in your home
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Here’s why you should have a Large Oversized Mirror in your home

Do you have a large blank wall space that’s beseeching you to hang a mirror on it? If so, then you should never hesitate to buy a Large Oversized Mirror and place it in this exact spot.

A Large Oversized Mirror is one of the most versatile accessories that you can add to your room. This will help you to judge your progress in a dance routine and also make your makeup routine easier. This mirror will also allow you to catch a glimpse of yourself before you head out for a big night.

But, don’t be under the impression that a large mirror is only a reflection of your appearance. Rather, they reflect light, fabricate the illusion of space, and make a room look even more inviting and welcoming.

Here, we will be discussing the myriad advantages that adding a Large Oversized Mirror brings to the table, or shall we say, to the home décor. So, let’s start.

(1) Makes a Small Room Look Bigger: Want to make a small room look bigger? The easiest way to do this is to hang a Large Oversized Mirror. Such mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of more space. All you need to do is to place one in a strategic location and that will make your room appear larger instantly.

Choosing the best mirror placement is one of the best ways to make your room look spacious. We would recommend you to hang the large mirror on the wall opposite your window as that would help create the illusion of space. Such mirrors will reflect the natural light and make the room appear more spacious and brighter.

(2) Brightening your Room: Do you have a room in your home that appears to be dark and dreary? An easy way to brighten up is to hang a Large Oversized Mirror. Mirrors reflect light and it is this feature that helps to brighten up a space that does not receive much natural light. Make sure to place the mirror in a spot from where it can reflect light from a lamp or window.

(3) Make a Statement: A Large Oversized Mirror is a great way to make a statement in your home. The perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your space is to hang a large and ornate mirror. And if you want to make a more modern statement, you can opt for a mirror with a unique shape or frame. There are many different ways through which you can make a statement with large mirrors.

A Large Oversized Mirror can be used to create a focal point in your room. What you can do is you can hang the large wall mirror on a bare place or above the fireplace and that would create an instant focal point in your room.

A Large Oversized Mirror can also be used to fill empty wall space and make it look much more interesting. Thus it goes without saying that with large wall mirrors, there are endless possibilities to make a statement in your home.

Are Gym Mirrors and Regular Mirrors the same?

It may come to you as a surprise but Gym Mirrors and Regular Mirrors that we have in our homes are entirely two different things and can never be placed under the same bracket. Here’s how they both differ from each other:

(1) Size Variety: Regular Mirrors are available in different sizes. From a few inches to full-size mirrors, you can get regular wall mirrors in a wide plethora of sizes and styles. On the contrary, Gym Mirrors are mostly required to cover the gym wall. So, they are available only as giant mirrors. These mirrors are usually minimalistic and frameless thereby giving a high-end appeal to the interior of a gym. Also, you can get customized Gym Mirrors that match your gym wall dimensions.

(2) Thickness: The thickness of Gym Mirrors is more than that of regular mirrors. While the thickness of mirrors that we use in our households ranges from 3 to 4.5 mm, the thickness of Gym Mirrors is somewhere around 6mm making them ideal to stand any kind of accidental forceful impacts.

(3) Edge Finish: Similar to regular wall mirrors, Gym Mirrors are available in different edge finishes. You can get these mirrors in beveled, frameless, flat, or seamed options. But, here you should note that we do not highly recommend framed mirrors for gyms.

(4) The Price Factor: Although the price of a regular mirror depends on its size and dimensions, you can expect a cost of around $7 to $ 16 per foot. Whereas, for Gym Mirrors, the price goes up to around $20 to $40. So, the price greatly varies with the type and size of the mirror.

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