Here’s how to shave your head with a Mens Head Shaver
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Here’s how to shave your head with a Mens Head Shaver

Well, you have made up your mind to shave your head with a Head Shaver? But, what now? Shaving your head might not always come as a choice for you. But once you have decided that you are ready to embrace a sleek new look, it’s worthwhile that you educate yourself beforehand which will help you get the best results. It’s pretty easy to shave your head with a Mens Head Shaver and maintain the look and feel by following certain simple tips and tricks.

A Step-by-Step Guide to shave your head

1. How to Start

Before diving in head first, you should shop for some quality shaving products that only ensure a better shave but also protect your skin. And when it comes to shaving products, the most important tool is, of course, the Head Shaver you choose. While there are some who prefer shaving their heads manually using a traditional razor, for regular head shaves, a Mens Head Shaver is difficult to beat when it comes to speed, efficiency, and results. You should always look for easy-to-operate shavers that deliver effortless results. Look for one that has an innovative ergonomic handle thereby providing a comfortable and easy grip.

2. Trim and soften your hair

Before you start shaving your head by picking up a Head Shaver, you should make sure that your hair is short. So, all that is required is to give your locks a quick trim. You can achieve this by using the lowest setting on your trimmer or clipper. You also have another option in your hand i.e., you can remove the guard and give yourself a buzz cut.

Softening your hair also makes head shaving easier with a Mens Head Shaver. You can soften your hair by simply using warm water or having a shower before you start shaving. Also, check for moles or lumps before you begin shaving. In the event that you find one, you should take proper care to avoid cutting it and prevent irritation.

(3) Apply Shaving Gel or Cream

When it comes to head shaving, you can either opt for wet shaving or dry shaving, and that totally depends on your personal preferences. Although it’s not compulsory to apply a shaving gel or cream before you start shaving your head with a Head Shaver, doing so will help lubricate your hair, making your rough hairs softer, thereby facilitating easy cutting.

(4) Use Slow, Gentle Strokes and avoid applying too much pressure: There are a lot of debates that surround the best technique for shaving your head. But there are a few key tips that can assure a safe and easy shave. Remember that slow and steady strokes are always the best. You can also shave in small circles with a Mens Head Shaver. But if you think that shaving in straight lines will be a more comfortable approach for you, then you can go for that as well.

Never apply too much pressure or force with the Head Shaver. Also, make sure that you rinse and remove the hair out of the Mens Head Shaver after every few strokes as that would prevent build-up and clogging of the blades.

(5) Make use of Moisturizers and Aftershaves: Just like the face, your scalp also needs a little TLC post-shave to keep it smooth and healthy. Shaving your head with a Head Shaver helps remove unwanted hair and dead skin cells, but it can also remove a layer of healthy skin. Try a good aftershave that contains menthol as an active ingredient and give yourself a refreshing, splash-on stimulating scalp which will give your scalp an invigorating feel.

Using a moisturizer is a must-do to keep the skin on your head hydrated. Look for moisturizers that have a fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula. Most of the good moisturizers that are available on the market contain nature’s wonder plant i.e., aloe Vera as an active ingredient and helps in moisturizing, hydrating, and nourishing the scalp, besides helping to treat any irritation or inflammation.

(6)Protect the Blades: And here comes the final step. You need to make sure that the Mens Head Shaver is clean and sharp for your next shave. All you need to do is to remove the head from your tool and use the cleaning brush to sweep away any clogged hair and skin. Check to see if the Head Shaver you are using is waterproof or not. If yes, you can rinse the head under the tap. Once you are done drying the head of your device, you can simply place it back on your tool.

Doing this will not only sanitize your shaver thereby keeping it more hygienic for your next shave but will also extend the life of your blades. Also, you should replace your shaver’s blades every three to six months with regular use. The exact timeframe will be determined by the thickness and coarseness of your hair.

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