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Contribute Blog Post For Ukiyosouls

If you want to create a blog post – We are Happy to Share it!

You will have access immediately to the audience as well as your blog post will become a section of the autoresponder means every subscriber past, present & potential will see it.

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Blog post Guidelines :

Article Quality: Articles ought to be at the least 1000 words and really should cover the subject in detail.Quality should be the major factor in accepting guest articles. To ensure your content gets published, write a very original piece which is written particularly for the audience.

Pictures: Add pictures to mention your message, but don’t add them simply for the sake of it. In case you are composing tutorials, have a screenshot. In case you are composing conversational topics, make use of Flickr to discover lively and related images.

Video: If you are a video blogger, you may submit your video to our youtube channel. Create a video just, contact us and We will tell you how exactly to submit videos.

Copyright: In the event, we find out you have copied a post from someplace else, you will get an instant ban and immediate removal of all of your weblog posts and profile from Ukiyosouls. By submitting blog  post to us, you provide us copyright of the blog post. This help us to Solve with any DMCA related problems.

Comment: Comments will be the conversations about your published content. Answer any queries linked to your content via the comments. This will provide you with more exposure and help you your readers.

Credit: We respects the person to function and if your idea is derivative of somebody else’s work, feel absolve to provide them with credit. The same applies to images that you utilize on your own blog post. Please provide credit where credit is necessary.

Still, WISH TO Contribute Blog Post ?

If you still want to be published on the blog post then please get in touch with us and send over

  • Introduce yourself
  • Provide types of previous work
  • A listing of potential article titles/ideas
  • If you’ve already written this article – include it