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BASIX Report: Facts to Know Before Landscaping in 2024

Have you ever wondered how a simple landscaping project can enhance the sustainability quotient of your building? The ultimate goal of the BASIX Report is to specify your building’s sustainability index, and a landscaping project can add to its BASIX score. From lush greenery to vibrant blooms, landscaping not only turns your mundane yard into an inviting oasis but also helps preserve local ecosystems and prevent pollution.

Sustainable landscaping, as promoted by BASIX, involves using multiple creative strategies to transform your garden or backyard into an environmentally friendly and climate-appropriate space. Let’s delve into the article to uncover the know-how of BASIX-compatible landscaping in 2024.

Sustainable Landscaping Practices

Deploying the sustainable landscaping practices discussed below is vital to improving the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX).

●        Native plants

Incorporating native plants in your landscaping project offers multiple benefits. These plants are well-suited for the local climate and soil and, thus, require little to no irrigation and minimal maintenance once established.

For instance, if you reside in an arid region, planting drought-resistant succulents can significantly reduce water usage while transforming your garden into an attractive landscape. Minimal water consumption is a critical factor that can help increase your home’s sustainability score in the BASIX Report.

●        Erosion control

Using compost-based erosion control products is another sustainable landscaping practice. Compost will bond tightly with soil, leaving no space between soil and cover. It means water will find little to no space to run underneath and undermine the protection.

●        Organic fertilisers

Organic fertilisers and natural pest control methods are critical to a healthier environment. Synthetic chemicals can harm beneficial insects and wildlife, whereas organic fertilisers will nourish the soil without causing any negative impact.

Implementing natural pest control methods like introducing predator insects can help you maintain a balanced, environmentally friendly ecosystem without depending on harmful pesticides.

●        Rainwater harvesting

NCC BCA Section J outlines energy efficiency requirements for buildings, and to meet these requirements, rainwater harvesting can be an ideal step.

Installing rainwater harvesting helps collect rainwater from the roofs and other surfaces. You can store the collected rainwater for later use in irrigation, reducing the need for municipal water supplies and lowering utility bills.

Planning Landscaping Design

When planning a landscape design, ensure it is compatible with BASIX requirements. For instance, if your lawn or garden areas are nominated areas of indigenous or low water use plant species, specify the same on your development application plants.

Also, create an integrated master plan that seamlessly integrates several landscape elements to create a harmonious and cohesive look. It will be best to consider multiple factors like drainage, topography, and existing structures to ensure the landscape design looks visually appealing and functions well to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem.

Incorporating Mature Trees

Incorporating mature trees in landscape construction requires careful consideration. Assessing the health and stability of existing mature trees before planting them is imperative. You should employ proper planting techniques to promote healthy growth with little irrigation and prevent damage to surrounding structures.

Moreover, consider the shade, aesthetic, and privacy benefits the mature trees provide to enhance the overall appeal of the landscape. Planting mature trees will provide fresh and cool air, improving the indoor air quality of your home and reducing the reliance on mechanical HVAC systems. Therefore, incorporating mature trees is another solution to increase your BASIX score.

Final Thoughts

You have gained a solid understanding of critical aspects of BASIX-compatible landscaping projects, from sustainable landscaping practices to planning landscaping design and incorporating mature trees. As you embark on your landscaping journey, you shouldn’t only focus on creating visually appealing outdoor space but also an environmentally-friendly ecosystem. Implementing the above-discussed landscaping practices will significantly improve your building’s BASIX and Nabers energy rating.


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